2011 Restaurant Program Members

We are excited to share our  2011 Restaurant Recognition Program members – local restauranteurs, producers and artisans who truly exemplify the principles of Slow Food and contribute to the quality, authenticity and sustainability of food we eat in the City of Seattle and our surrounding region. Awarded restaurants are all located in and around the Seattle region. All show commitment to our Slow Food philosophy and in their own words, they describe how they strive to demonstrate the three principles of Slow Food Seattle – GOOD, CLEAN, and FAIR.


  • 50 North – 5001 NE 25th St. | 206.397.3939 Follow on Twitter Follow on Facebook
    50 North features upscale American cuisine with a focus on fresh, local, and organic ingredients. The restaurant is family friendly and also supports those with food allergies by offering a range of gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegetarian options while paying special attention to prevent cross-contamination. 50 North’s menu is fresh, fun and unique, the decor is chic, and the wine and craft beer selection is top notch.

    Executive Chef: Joel Lewis. Farms & Purveyors: Steiber’s for eggs, Isernio’s for sausage, Painted Hills for beef (not really super local, but a great source), Richter Farms in Puyallup for rhubarb, various in-season produce grown in WA such as apples and potatoes.
  • Anchovies & Olives – 1550 15th Ave. | 206.838.8080 Follow on Twitter Follow on Facebook
    Anchovies & Olives is an Italian seafood and pasta focused restaurant offering only the best quality seafood and local, seasonal produce and ingredients. The wine list is 100% Italian with an emphasis on white varietals. Anchovies & Olives quickly gained national recognition, named Best New Restaurant by both Bon Apetit and GQ magazines in 2010.
    Executive Chef: Charles Walpole. Farms & Purveyors: Taylor Shellfish, Penn Cove Shellfish, Foraged & Found, Grand Central Bakery, Emerald City Seafood, Friendly Foragers, Merv Dykstra, The King’s Garden, Frank’s Produce.
  • Bastille Cafe & Bar – 5307 Ballard Ave. NW | 206.453.5014 Follow on Twitter Follow on Facebook
    Local, Honest French Cuisine. Bastille’s commitment to organic, sustainable agriculture is unstinting. We source our product from local farmers and purveyors whenever possible. Nowhere is this commitment more evident than on our own roof: we’ve installed a 4,500 square foot garden of raised-bed planter boxes where we grow our own lettuces and herbs. Installed and maintained by Colin McCrate of Seattle Urban Farm Company, the boxes are irrigated and heated to keep us in fresh greens throughout the year.
    Executive Chef: Shannon Galusha. Farms & Purveyors: Taylor Shellfish Farms, Olsen Farms, Mad Hatcher, Mt. Townsend Creamery, Carlton Farms, Gene Wilson Fish.
  • Cafe Flora - 2901 East Madison | 206.325.9100 Follow on Twitter Follow on Facebook
    Cafe Flora is a vegetarian restaurant located in the Madison Valley neighborhood which has been operating for 20 years. We believe that the consequences of our actions have a ripple effect, going beyond our immediate environment, ultimately coming full circle to affect our lives in a positive or negative way. What goes around comes around. We shop locally for both food and wine, buy organic product whenever possible, hold community events and donate to local businesses. We believe food has always had a powerful connection with community — breaking bread together builds powerful bonds. We are a community. We are a resource to a wider community. And we can be a model for other business communities. Above all Cafe Flora is about joy. Food is fun. Great food is great fun. Fun to prepare. Fun to serve. Fun to eat. It’s a crazy world out there. Our guests can expect to find refuge at Cafe Flora. They will leave not only having been well fed with reasonably priced delicious food, but also with a sense that we have cared for them for a brief moment in a safe, joyful and harmonious place.
    Executive Chef:
    Janine Doran. Farms & Purveyors: Alm Hill Gardens, Everson; Alvarez Farms, Yakima Valley; Bluebird Grain Farm, Winthrop; Booth Canyon, Carleton; Merv Dykstra Farm, Grandview; Full Circle Farms, Carnation; Grandview Mushroom Farm, Arlington; Hayton Farms, Mount Vernon; Island Springs Tofu, Vashon Island; Local Roots Farm, Seattle; Martin Family Orchard, Orondo; Oxbow Farm, Carnation; Rockridge Cidery and Orchard, Enumclaw; Stiebrs Farm, Yelm; Stoney Plains Organic Farm, TENINO; Willie’s Greens Organic Farm, Monroe.
  • Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe – 4757 12th Ave. NE, 206.522.6966 | 3770 SW Alaska St., 206.937.8732 Follow on Twitter Follow on Facebook
    The Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe continually seeks to set the standard on what it means to be a Sustainable Business. We make all business decisions with the goal of having people, the planet and profitability in balance. We never compromise on our mission, and our ultimate goal of being 100% sustainable. We wear our hearts on our sleeves and demonstrate this in the way we welcome and take care of customers and employees, donate to local and national causes that share our values, source our ingredients, and prepare every dish. We give people (and ourselves) goosebumps with what we show is possible with a cafe, and what a difference one place can make for the world and our community.
    Executive Chef: Lois Blanford. Farms & Purveyors: Full Circle Farm, Tonnemaker Family Orchards, Rama Farm, Cascadia Mushrooms, Earth Conscious Organics (coop of local farmers); Holmquist Hazelnuts, Hayton Farms, Mike & Jean’s Farm, Tiny’s Organic, Boistfort Family Farm, Billy’s Farm, Cascadian Home Farm.
  • Copperleaf Restaurant - 18525 36th Ave. South | 206.901.9268 Follow on Twitter Follow on Facebook
    At Copperleaf Restaurant we are committed to sustainable and responsible stewardship of our lands and oceans. We believe this has become a necessity in modern life. We have committed ourselves to good food that’s expertly prepared with a “mastering of simplicity” approach…more and more people have a strong desire to trace their food “Back to the Farm” connecting them to wholesome, organic and all natural ingredients. We passionately search for superior seasonal regional products as we cultivate the relationship between farmers, fishermen, ranchers, food artisans and the chef. We care for our ¼ acre on site chef’s garden in addition to water reclamation and onsite composting that tends to our soil management program. This passion is the driving influence that contributes to the essence of Copperleaf’s cuisine and our desire to build community.
    Executive Chef: Mark Bodinet. Farms & Purveyors: Stiebrs Farm (beef), Yelm; Nash Family Farm (rabbit, chicken, squab), Eprhata; Joe Malley, Vessel St. Jude (albacore tuna) North Pacific Waters; Willie Greens (lettuces); Full Circle Farm (vegetables); Theo Chocolate (assorted chocolates); Wild Wheat Bakery (baked goods); Foraged and Found Edibles (Porcini, Chantrelles, Morels, Nettles, Miners Lettuce, Truffles, Peppercress); Blue Bird Farm (Farro) Palouse Valley.
  • Delancey – 1415 NW 70th St. | 206.838.1960 Follow on Twitter
    Executive Chef: Brandon Pettit. Farms & Purveyors: Jerzy Boyz Farm, Anselmo Farms, Full Circle Farm, Quilceda, Stokesberry, Taylor Shellfish, Willie Greens Farms.
  • The Essential Baking Company Cafes – 1604 N 34th St., 206.545.0444 | 2719 E Madison St; 5601 1st Ave S., 206.328.0078
    The Essential Baking Company Cafes prepare fresh foods daily, including soups, salads, crepes, and sandwiches featuring the bakery’s organic artisan breads. Artisan pastries in sweet and savory flavors, along with elegant desserts, all made with natural ingredients are also served.. Fair trade, organic coffee and teas, along with natural juices and sodas, are also available. The inviting and cozy neighborhood cafes are the perfect place to slow down and enjoy a meal with friends. Everything is made from scratch using natural and organic ingredients, and the menu changes with the seasons to highlight the flavors of the day.
    Farms & Purveyors: Breads are organic; Greens come from Willie Greens Farm; All meats used are free of nitrates; Vegetables are organic when available.
  • FareStart Restaurant – 700 Virginia St. | 206.267.7601 Follow on Twitter Follow on Facebook
    FareStart is a culinary job training and placement program for homeless and disadvantaged individuals. Over the past 19 years, FareStart has provided opportunities for nearly 5,000 people to transform their lives, while also serving over 4.5 million meals to disadvantaged men, women, and children. FareStart businesses, including the FareStart Restaurant, contribute over half of the organization’s annual operating budget. Supporting the FareStart Restaurant is a great way to support the FareStart program and students.
    Executive Chef: Drew Borus. Farms & Purveyors: Full Circle Farm; Painted Hills; Carlton Farms; Long View Valley Ranch; Northwest Wild Foods Company; Burlington; Groundbreakers Farm, Duvall; Herbco; Willie Greens; Richter Farms, Puyallup; Carpinto Farms, Kent; Ralph’s Greenhouse; Headlin Farms; Fresh Breeze Dairy, Lyndon; SnoPac; Nerka Seafood; Broadview Farms, Burlington; Valley Pride Farm, Mount Vernon; Wallace Farms (potatoes).
  • Fresh Bistro – 4725 42nd Ave SW. | 206.935.3733 Follow on Twitter Follow on Facebook
    Fresh Bistro’s seasonal menu is an exciting take on international comfort food. Casual dining or romantic evenings, Chef Dalis Chea has garnered recognition for emphasis on local ingredients served family-style with flavors pleasing to all palates. We strive for sustainable practices in all our day to day business from the use of fully compostable to-go containers to the donation of time, services and food to a wide variety of charities.
    Executive Chef: Dalis Chea. Farms & Purveyors: Full Circle Farm, Foraged and Found, Taylor Shellfish, Alden Farms.
  • Homegrown – Fremont: 3416 Fremont Ave North, 206.453.5232 | Capitol Hill: 1531 Melrose Ave,  206.682.9035 | Queen Anne: 2201 Queen Anne Ave N, 206.217.4745 Follow on Twitter Follow on Facebook
    Our goal at Homegrown is not only to create sandwiches out of sustainable ingredients but also to make sandwich creation sustainable itself. This goes beyond using fresh, sustainable ingredients in our gourmet sandwiches, salads and soups. Homegrown strives for sustainability as a local business through the green materials we print and serve on, to our rejection of bottled water, to our 100% compostable and recyclable product. We consider our environmental impact for every ingredient choice, often between two competing theories: eating organic and eating local. We take the best from both worlds to create our sustainable sandwiches. We like to call this sandwich environmentalism. Enjoy.
    Executive Chef: Rob Milliron. Farms & Purveyors: Cattail Creek Lamb, Mad Hatcher Poultry, NW Grass-Fed Beef, Essential Baking Co, Boulangerie Nantaise, Beecher’s Flagship, HOTLIPS Soda.
  • How to Cook a Wolf – 2208 Queen Anne Ave. N | 206.838.8090 Follow on Twitter Follow on Facebook
    How to Cook a Wolf is a petite gem of a restaurant that offers a creative sampling of Italian inspired small plates and house-made pastas, as well as an impressive Italian and Northwest wine list. Using fresh, local, seasonal ingredients, Chef Matt Fortner offers his guests an honest, down-to-earth dining experience that has endeared How to Cook a Wolf to the Queen Anne neighborhood and the Seattle foodies alike.
    Executive Chef: Matt Fortner. Farms & Purveyors: Grand Central Bakery, Foraged & Found, Rachel’s Ginger Beer, Merv Dykstra Produce, Taylor Shellfish, Emerald City Seafood, The King’s Garden, Alvarez Farm, Thundering Hooves Beef, Mad Hatcher Poultry, Carlton Farms Pork, Frank’s Produce.
  • Locöl barley & vine – 7902 35th Ave SW | 206.708.7725 Follow on Twitter Follow on Facebook
    Locöl’s mission is to provide a cozy, rustic yet refined experience. We aim at creating a relationship with our local breweries, wineries,farmers and produce stands to bring you the best possible product! This also ensures that we are cycling dollars within our own community. Come and enjoy some of the best food and beverages that the NW has to offer. See you at Locöl!
    Executive Chef: Meredith Abbott. Farms & Purveyors: WS Produce, Port Townsend Creamery, Big Al’s Brewing, Odin Brewing, Elliot Bay Brewing, Schooner Exact Brewing, Georgetown Brewing, Fremont Brewing, Challenger Ridge Winery, Willis Hall Winery, Small Lot Co-Op, Smasne Cellars, Kana Winery.
  • Mashiko Restaurant – 4725 California Ave. SW | 206.935.4339 Follow on Twitter Follow on Facebook
    Since 1994, Mashiko has given me a way to share my thoughts on food and culture. I am proud to say that as of August 15, 2009, Mashiko is Seattle’s first fully sustainable sushi bar. How do we define what is sustainable when it comes to seafood? Some key factors to consider are traceability, fish populations, fishing methods, and farming practices.

    • Traceability refers to the ability to find out where your seafood came from. This includes knowing specifically where, as well as how, it was caught.
    • Some fish populations are in steep decline. We must allow these species time to repopulate so that we can enjoy them responsibly for generations to come.
    • The most sustainable fishing methods do not cause damage to the oceans or allow for much bycatch (unintended creatures caught during fishing).
    • Responsible farming practices include providing quality feed, being antibiotic-free, and taking great care not to disturb the surrounding environment.

    We have solid relationships with several top seafood sustainability experts. We appreciate the support we have received from both customers and industry insiders. Our education has been intense, and it will be ongoing. I encourage you to keep the Sustainable Seafood Guide presented with your check. Executive Chef: Hajime Sato.

  • Oddfellows Cafe + Bar – 1525 10th Ave. E. | 206.325.0807 Follow on Twitter Follow on Facebook
    Oddfellows is a spirited kitchen and cocktail bar in one of Seattle’s most bustling neighborhoods, the Pike/Pine corridor on Capitol Hill. The clatter and din of the Oddfellows dining room and the simple, beautiful dishes we serve are the very essence of sustainability – we sustain you, we feed you, soul and all. Our kitchen sources directly from local producers, foragers and farms in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. And our counter offers fresh baked desserts, Stumptown coffee, classic cocktails and a variety of artisan beers.
    Farms & Purveyors: Carlton Farms, Carlton, OR; Painted Hills, Fossil, OR; Thundering Hooves, Walla Walla, WA; Zoe’s Meats, Seattle, WA; Alvarez Farms, Mabton, WA; Penn Cove Shellfish, Coupeville, WA; Peter Gordon, Forager, Seattle, WA; Full Circle Farm, Carnation, WA; Wilcox Family Farm, Roy, WA.
  • Proletariat Pizza – 9622-A 16th Ave. SW | 206.432.9765 Follow on Twitter Follow on Facebook
    We feel strongly about being creating and enjoying good, quality food for ourselves, and those we care about- in this case being the up and coming neighborhood of White Center and surrounding communities. We live here, we work here, and we get to know the neighborhood more and more by fostering a very family-friendly and community-friendly vibe that is evident as you see customers intermingling table to table, and playing with one another’s kids. We feel strongly about the sources and quality of the ingredients we use and the foods we prepare, and show this by using local organic eggs, sustainable flours and local and/or organic produce whenever possible. We recycle, compost, and donate any extra dough we have (when we don’t sell-out) to our local food bank. We are a local family with two small children, and it is so enjoyable to watch our four year old playing with the other kids playing in the kids’ play area while watching the parents and other adults in the restaurant relaxing and having a beer and literally getting to know their neighbors they might not otherwise have known. This neighborhood is transitioning, as anyone who lives here will attest to, and it is so exciting to be a part of its moving in a new direction, and we are so grateful to have such loyal support of the community. We are not restaurant professionals – Mike comes from telecommunications, and I was a hairstylist. Mike has been increasingly dissatisfied with his job, so we thought we’d take a tremendous leap and try something new and different. We are learning as we go, and this community knows it and backs our every move with patience and encouragement. We couldn’t really ask for more.
    Farms & Purveyors:
    Willie Greens, Shepherd’s Grain Flour, Bob’s Red Mill; soon to be adding Bluebird Grain mills, Smith Bros milk, Carlton Farms pork. Currently Mondo and Sons sausage, Zoe’s Meats charcuterie.
  • Skillet Street Food – 1400 E Union & mobile food truck Follow on Twitter Follow on Facebook
    We strive to create modern american food that is focused on regional and seasonal produce, meats, and cheeses.
    Executive Chef: Brian O’Connor. Farms & Purveyors: Oxbow Farms, Thundering Hooves, Full Circle Farms, Parfait Ice Cream, Mad Hatcher and many more.
  • Spur Gastropub – 113 Blanchard | 206.728.6706 Follow on Twitter Follow on Facebook
    Executive Chef: Brian McCracken and Dana Tough. Farms & Purveyors:
  • Staple & Fancy Mercantile – 4739 Ballard Ave. | 206.789.1200 Follow on Twitter Follow on Facebook
    Staple & Fancy Mercantile is the latest venture of celebrated chef Ethan Stowell. Opened in August of 2010 and housed in a beautifully renovated early 1900’s building, this intimate restaurant showcases Stowell’s simple Italian inspired cooking style. The restaurant offers an a la carte or “staple” menu and the popular chef choice or “fancy” menu that’s a one-of-a-kind, multi-course dining experience with dishes created from unique sourced products, local seasonal ingredients, and house-made pastas. The wine list is Euro-centric with a thoughtful selection of Northwest wines.
    Executive Chef: Ethan Stowell. Farms & Purveyors: Jones Family Farms, Alm Hill Farms, Mad Hatcher Chickens, , Foraged & Found Edibles, Fishing Vessel St. Jude, Taylor Shellfish, Penn Cove Shellfish, Rachel’s Ginger Beer, Grand Central Bakery, R&R Ranch, Gleason Ranch, Carlton Farms Pork , Merv Dysktra Produce. Selection of Washington & Oregon Wines (see wine list on website).
  • Steelhead Diner – 95 Pine Street, Suite 17 | 206.625.0129 Follow on Twitter Follow on Facebook
    Steelhead Diner is an upscale diner concept that draws from regional and seasonal ingredients to sustain it’s dynamic menu that excites a diverse clientele. We are inspired by the Pike Place Market to influence it’s Pacific Northwest cuisine.
    Executive Chef: Anthony Polizzi. Farms & Purveyors: Olsen Farms: Heirlom Potatoes; Pipitone Farms: Heirloom Tomatoes & Fruits; Alvarez Farms: Seasonal Produce; Rollingstone Creamery Cheeses; Rogue Creamery Cheeses; Uli’s Famous Sausages; Hempler’s Meats; Pacific Nothwest based assorted meats; Pacific Northwest based seafood & shellfish exclusively; Pike place market’s many vendors.
  • Stumbling Goat Bistro – 6722 Greenwood Ave N | 206.784.3535 Follow on Twitter Follow on Facebook
    Our intention is to primarily spend our money locally so that our neighborhood and city can thrive during even the most challenging economic times. The menu reflects the bounty of our region and our commitment to providing an outstanding dining experience.The Stumbling Goat Bistro features seasonal, organic, and sustainable ingredients from as many local growers, farms, and foragers we are able to support.
    Executive Chef: Joshua Theilen. Farms & Purveyors: Beefalo Meats, Ellensburg; Blossom’s & Bees, Puyallup; Bluebird Grain Farms, Winthrop; Caffe Vita, Seattle; Charlie’s Produce “Farmers Own,” Seattle; Columbia City Bakery, Seattle; Cowiche Mill Station Orchard, Cowiche; Dry Soda, Seattle; Foraged and Found, throughout Northwest; Full Circle Farm, Carnation; Georgetown Brewing Company, Seattle; Hale’s Ales Brewery, Seattle; La Pasta, Seattle; Leavenworth Biers, Olympia; Mad Hatcher Farm, Ephrata; New Roots Organics, Seattle; Northwest Bounty Wild Foods, Washington; Olson Farms, Colville; Penn Cove Shellfish, Coupeville; Pike Brewing Company, Seattle; Rock Ridge Orchards, Enumclaw; Rolling Stone Chevre, Snake River Valley; Samish Bay Cheese Bow; Sol to Seed Farm, Carnation; Taylor Shellfish Farm, Olympia; Theo’s Chocolate, Seattle; Tails and Trotters, Portland; Wilcox Farms, Roy; Willapa Hills Farmstead Cheese, Chehalis; Willie’s Greens Organic Produce, Monroe; World Spice Merchants, Seattle.
  • TASTE Restaurant – 1300 1st Ave. | 206.903.5291 Follow on Twitter Follow on Facebook
    Executive Chef: Craig Hetherington. Farms & Purveyors:
  • Tavern Law – 1406 12th Ave. | 206.322.9734 Follow on Twitter Follow on Facebook
    Executive Chef: Brian McCracken and Dana Tough. Farms & Purveyors:
  • Tavolata – 2323 2nd Ave. | 206.206.838.8008 Follow on Twitter Follow on Facebook
    Opened in January of 2007 in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood,Tavolàta was Ethan Stowell’s second restaurant. House-made pastas, simple Italian cuisine, and a 30-foot communal table (Tavolàta) are the focal point of this urban Italian eatery. Chef Brandon Kirskey’s menus emphasize the importantance of local, seasonal and nose to tail dining. Tavolàta offers a full bar and a wine list that is 100% Italian.
    Executive Chef: Brandon Kirksey. Farms & Purveyors: Bluebird Grain Farm, Foraged & Found Edibles, Taylor Shellfish, Merv Dykstra, Mama Lil’s Peppers, Nash’s Organic Produce, Grand Central Bakery, Painted Hills Beef, Carlton Farms Pork, Key City Fish, King’s Garden, Friendly Forager.
  • Tilikum Place Cafe – 407 Cedar St | 206.282.4830 Follow on Facebook
    Tilikum Place Cafe is a neighborhood restaurant that seeks to provide wholesome, handcrafted food, using local and sustainable ingredients.  Our goal is that our guests can enjoy their experience with delicious and comforting food that is at the same time familiar and a welcome surprise.
    Executive Chef: Ba Culbert. Farms & Purveyors: Billy’s Garden: heirloom tomatoes, greens, herbs, berries, stone fruit; Oxbow Farms: squash, greens, root vegetables; Willie Greens: lettuces, radishes, herbs; Foraged and Found: mushrooms, fiddle heads; Local Foragers:  mushrooms, sea beans and other seaweed, edible flowers.
  • Urbane – 1639 – 8th Ave. | 206.676.4600 Follow on Twitter Follow on Facebook
    Urbane dedicates itself to the holistic philosophy that good food depends on good ingredients. Chef de Cuisine Dan Gilmore and the Urbane staff have cultivated close, personal relationships with a variety of famers, hatcheries, foragers, wineries and breweries throughout the Pacific Northwest to bring fresh, quality ingredients to the table. From the local ingredients in each dish to the on-site water filtration, sustainability is cornerstone to Urbane. Located on the first floor of the celebrated and eco-friendly Hyatt at Olive 8, the 108-seat restaurant and adjoining bar create an open space that welcomes guests with an elegant simplicity. Providing a rich variety of Northwest fare, the often changing menu reflects the seasonality of key ingredients, including wild game, vegetables and species of native fish and shellfish.  Urbane’s menu prominently features offerings from such renowned regional resources as Beecher’s Cheeses, Uli’s Sausage and Salumi Artisan Cured Meats, as well as many Pacific Northwest wines and beers. Local ingredients are infused with global inspiration, resulting in an authentic yet eclectic offering that flavorfully showcases the best the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Pending the season, dinner specialties could include lavender seared duck breast served alongside herbed lentils with bacon pomegranate sauce or roasted fig ravioli accompanied by chanterelles and Beecher’s blank slate cheese. The seasonal lunch menu currently features Pacific Northwest planked salmon salad.
    Executive Chef: Dan Gilmore. Farms & Purveyors: Carso’s Pasta, Charlie’s Produce, Essential Baking Company, La Panzanella, Little Rae’s Bakery, Macdonald Meats, Macrina Bakery, Uli’s Sausage, World Spice, Estrella Family Creamery, Holmquist Hazelnuts, Frog’s Song Farms, Olsen Farms, Oxbow Organics, River Valley Organics, Dog Mountain Farm, Full Circle Farms, Wooly Pigs.
  • Where Ya At Mattfood truck – multiple locations Follow on Twitter Follow on Facebook
    We strive to bring authentic New Orleans street food to Seattle, representing the heart and soul of Creole food. We believe in using quality ingredients, as much local and sustainable as possible. We make almost all of our food in house from the mayonnaise to the seasoning in the Jambalaya to our own cured andouille sausage. We use a local bread company for the rolls, using a traditional Louisiana style recipe who makes them specifically for us. For example, currently we are not serving tomatoes because they don’t meet our quality standards nor reflect what’s really in season. I believe in the principles associated with the Slow Food movement, fostering greater awareness and connection to the food we eat, the people and communities who grow/raise our resources and the connections formed around sharing food. My Creole roots reflect the utmost respect for the traditions and culture revolving around the food we eat, I look to foster a similar community especially for those who love the NOLA community here in Seattle.
    Executive Chef: Matthew Lewis. Farms & Purveyors: Carlton Farms, pork products; Painted Hills, beef; Bread Baker Boys NW, rolls; Frank’s Quality Produce; Samadhi Chocolates, pie; and Hilton’s Pacific Oysters.

Greater Seattle Area & Regional

  • Allium Restaurant – Orcas Island, 310 Main St, PO Box 755 | 360.376.4904 Follow on Twitter Follow on Facebook
    We believe local is best. When we work together and support our community, every one wins. We can make a difference by helping our neighbors and buying locals as much as possible. Food need not be fancy, but it should be cooked with love and care.
    Executive Chef:
    Lisa Nakamura. Farms & Purveyors: Jones Family Farm; Phocas Farm; Mad Hatcher Poultry; Maple Rock Farm; Black Dog Farm; Once in a Blue Moon Farm; Local Goods Coffee; Secret Stash Salts; Lopez Island Creamery.
  • Cafe Juanita – Kirkland, 9702 NE 120th Place | 425.823.1505 Follow on Facebook
    Northern Italian inspired dedicated to sourcing from local, sustainable and organic farmers and artisans.
    Executive Chef: Holly Smith. Farms & Purveyors: Oxbow; Full Circle Farm; Kurtwood; Holmquist Orchard; Biocento; Olsen Farms; Ninety Farms; Alvarez; Billy Alstot; Dog Mountain; Taylor Shellfish; Foraged and Found Edibles, Snoqualmie Valley Ranch; Madhatche; Sweet Grass Farms; Seabreeze Dairy; Abundant Acres; Jones Family Farm; Mosaic Farm; Tails and Trotters; Nash.
  • Duck Soup Inn – Friday Harbor, 50 Duck Soup Lane | 360.378.4878 Follow on Facebook
    4 1/2 miles outside of Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. Open for dinner April through October. The schedule varies with the seasons so check the calendar online or call for dates open. This small restaurant was opened in 1975 by three women (two sisters and their cousin) on a site that was once used as a way station by horse and wagon that were crossing the island. The present owner/chef, Gretchen Allison, bought it 22 years ago and introduced home grown produce and island raised farm goods into the cuisine. More and more ingredients become available from local sources every year thanks to a strong farm to table movement in the island communities. Gretchen and her family travel frequently in the winter when Duck Soup is closed, bringing back exotic flavors from around the world to inspire her cooking and keep the food lively and entertaining. Included with the price listed for each entree is: fresh sourdough bread baked daily onsite , served with a salty anchovy spread and butter, homemade soup, and salad from locally grown and wild produce. The wine list has many affordable and excellent choices. They are arranged on the list in categories of flavor rather than type, to help the patrons understand the character of unfamiliar wines and to feel freer to explore new territory. This also makes pairing the wine with the food easier for the patron. Seasonally inspired cocktails are made from fresh ingredients and high quality pours. Homemade bitters, homegrown herbs and local fruits are all utilized in the ever changing bar menu. This year an island made gin will be introduced. Full bar service is available. The ambiance is casual, warm, rustic and arty. There is a field-stone fireplace and booths, along with deck seating overlooking the ponds for summer seating. The service is professional, friendly and efficient.
    Executive Chef:
    Gretchen Allison. Farms & Purveyors: Waldron Island: Blue Moon Farm, produce. Nootka Rose Farm, produce. San Juan Island: Fir Oak Farm, lamb, beef. Heritage Farm, produce, veal, eggs. Westcott Bay Sea Farm, shellfish. Lopez Island: Jones Family Farm, pork, beef, goat, shellfish, wild fish. Horse Drawn Farm, lamb, pork. Self: Home organic garden for herbs, edible flowers, fruit. Foraging for seaweed, greens, berries, mushrooms.
  • The Herbfarm Restaurant – Woodinville, 14590 NE 145th St. | 425.485.5300 Follow on Twitter Follow on Facebook
    The Herbfarm has been farm to table since 1986. We have our own farm and gardens and support local growers/producers/fisherfolk. Serving 9-course menus that are matched with 5 local wines, our menus have themes which change every 2-3 weeks. Dinners begin with an educational tour of the gardens as well as a presentation by the chef and sommelier describing the night’s menu.
    Farms & Purveyors:
    The Herbfarm; Mad Hatcher; Full Circle; Taylor Shellfish; Alpine Lake Creamery; Jones Family Farms; Chinook Farm; Oxbow; MANY, MANY, MORE.
  • Hitchcock – Bainbridge Island, 133 Winslow Way East, Suite #100 | 206.201.3789 Follow on Twitter Follow on Facebook
    Hitchcock is a wood-fired, farm-to-table restaurant that explores the bounty of our local waters, fields and trails. We focus on sourcing product directly from fisherman, shellfish producers, farms & foragers, then preparing it lovingly in our applewood-fired oven. Specialties include fresh fish, grass-fed ranched meats, shellfish of all varieties, handmade pastas, house-smoked and cured fish and meats, and our own charcuterie. We couple these offerings with a full and stacked bar and a carefully selected list of beers and wines.
    Executive Chef: Brendan McGill. Farms & Purveyors: Neah Bay-direct fish, foraged by Wild West, Baywater Inc. (oysters, mussels), Port Discovery Sea Farms, Port Madison Community Shellfish Farm (B.I. oysters), Eagle Rock Shellfish (clams, oysters). Persephone Farms, Butler Greens, Farmhouse Organics, Laughing Crow Farm (produce). Carlton Farms, NW Grass-Fed Beef Co., Sunleaf Farms, Mad Hatcher, Cattail Creek (pork, beef, squab, poultry/eggs, lamb).  Camp 4 (B.I. duck eggs). Foraged edibles in season – mushrooms, ferns, wild lettuces, nettles. Caffe Vita (farm-direct coffee).
  • La Boucherie – Vashon Island, 17635 100th Ave. SW | 206.567.4628 Follow on Twitter Follow on Facebook
    After supplying Seattle restaurants and farmers’ markets with grass-fed animal products for nearly a decade, Sea Breeze Farm owners George & Kristin Page realized that the natural extension of its Vashon Island enterprise was a restaurant and retail space to showcase the farm’s premium quality meats, dairy, and artisan charcuterie. La Boucherie was opened in 2008; a picturesque ferry ride from the urban core of Seattle, serving dishes made from only the most seasonal and regional Northwest ingredients. True to its name, La Boucherie is also a butcher shop, where locals may purchase the farm’s impeccably fresh farmstead meats to prepare at home. On a menu that changes weekly, the restaurant’s customers find offerings that predominantly feature the bounty of the island. The butcher shop’s artisan sausages, pâtés, and cured meats highlight the menu, accented by pristine vegetables harvested on Western Washington farms, many also on Vashon Island. Operating under the label of Sweetbread Cellars, the farm also produces its own wines, presented alongside a modest selection of European, Northwestern and fellow island vintages.
    Executive Chef:
    Dustin Calery. Farms & Purveyors: La Boucherie is supplied by itself (Sea Breeze Farm) for all pork, lamb, beef and poultry, and most of its dairy products. Produce is sourced from all of the following farms: Pacific Crest Farm (Vashon); Island Meadow Farm (Vashon); Hogsback Farm (Vashon); Nash’s Organic Produce (Sequim); Full Circle Farm (Carnation); Alm Hill Gardens (Everson); Alvarez Organic Farms (Yakima Valley); Billy’s Gardens (Tonasket); Stoney Plains (Tenino); Olsen Farms (Coleville); Foraged and Found Edibles (various).
  • Monica’s Waterfront Bakery & Cafe – Silverdale, 3470 NW Byron St. | 360.698.2991 Follow on Twitter Follow on Facebook
    Monica’s is a ‘from scratch’ quick serve style cafe with fine dining quality. We are a bakery, cafe, caterer, wine shop and community center, offering local artists and authors a venue to show their work. Our menu has been crafted using excellent quality, fresh, house-made foods. We support local and/or organic suppliers whenever possible and we strive towards earth friendly sustainable practices. The Team at Monica’s is known for thinking globally and acting locally. Utilizing and therefore supporting local farms and other businesses is extremely important to us, as is offering ingredients that are sustainable and responsible whenever we can. We are a Carbon Free partner, as well as hold memberships with Slow Food, Chef’s Collaborative, Tilth and other local and national organizations focused on food that is local and sustainable.
    Farms & Purveyors:
    Gregory’s Produce; Martello’s Honey; Start Now Farms; Providence Family Farm; Abundantly Green; Pheasant Fields Farm; Hand Sown Home Grown; Personal Roast Coffee Roasters for their organic/fair trade coffees; Shepherd’s Grain; Pleasant Valley Farms; Blue Bird Grains; Finn River Farm; Red Dog Farm; Puget Sound Dairy for WA eggs and dairy; Key City Fish; Mt Townsend Creamery; Saltworks; Poulsbo Farmer’s Market; Alvarez Farm; Port Orchard Farmer’s Market; Full Circle Farm; Recycle Earth; other farmer’s markets as possible.
  • Nell Thorn Restaurant & Pub – 205 Washington St. | 360.466.4261 Follow on Facebook
    For our small family, inspiration starts with intent, care & love. These qualities embody the planting of a seed that in time bears a delicious food. We carefully and responsibly take creatures from the ocean and find animals that are humanely grown. The search for foods that embody this spirit of care takes time as does our thoughtful preparation of them. It makes us happy to know that the menu we offer is inspired to nourish. The purest form of our inspiration is kneaded into our bread. The organic flour already smells of a fresh loaf when you open a sack. This flour is mixed with water and allowed to ferment, gathering the wild yeasts and finally baked to yield a moist, crispy-crusted bread. For the past fifteen years we have been celebrating the beauty and bounty of our region, sourcing locally and sustainably. It makes us happy and warms our hearts to know that there has never been more interest in the source and impact from our food choices. Choices we are so privileged to enjoy. In this we see a most delicious and bright future. It’s a little funny but Nell Thorn was literally the “poster child” for restaurant composting and recycling in the Skagit area. Love is all there is!
    Executive Chef:
    Casey Schanen. Farms & Purveyors: Our produce and much of our dry goods are 95% to 100%. The farms from which seasonally enjoy a great bounty: Blau Oyster Company (Sparklingly Fresh Oysters); Dona Flora (Botanicals & Wonderful Produce); Dunbar Gardens (awesome produce); Fresh Breeze Organic Dairy (all dairy products); Frog Song Farm (awesome produce); Gothberg Farm (the best goat cheeses & whole goats); Holmquist Orchards (organic hazelnuts); Hedlin Farm (awesome produce); Gordon’s Farm (winter squash & pumpkin, partner in annual Festival of Family Farms); Bruce Bowen (awesome honey); Living Rain Farm (Organic Rhubarb & Asparagus); Macdonald Fish Company (Locally caught Halibut, Salmon, Gooeyduck, Sea Urchin, Pink Scallops, Spot Prawns & Dungeness Crab); Mother Flight Farm (awesome produce); Mores Ottesen Farm (the best whole pigs); Ninety Farms (whole Lamb and Veal); Osprey Hill Farm (awesome produce and chicken); Oliva’s Happy Hens (awesome eggs); Ralph’s Greenhouse (awesome Leeks, Potatoes & Collards); Samish Bay Cheese (Cow Milk Cheeses); Well Fed Farm (the best chicken, eggs & rabbit). Much of our beer and wine is crafted locally. We have two bottlings custom blend with David Stephenson in Walla Walla, Dog Star Syrah and Elephant Head Red.
  • Nimbus Restaurant – Bellingham, 119 N. Commercial St., 14th floor | 360.676.1307 Follow on Facebook
    Nimbus strives to support local farmers, foragers, fishmongers, and other artisan producers who supply the highest quality fresh ingredients for our globally influenced seasonal cuisine. Along with striking views of the Pacific Northwest from atop Downtown Bellingham, Nimbus features creative upscale dining and seasonal cocktails in a casual environment.
    Executive Chef: Josh Silverman. Farms & Purveyors: Jeremy Brown (Fisherman), Desire Fish Co., Avenue Bread, Fresh Breeze Dairy, Taylor Shellfish, Drayton Harbour Shellfish (PSRF), Flying Bird Organic Teas, Hammerhead Coffee, Boundary Bay Brewery, Chuckanut Brewery, Mt. Baker Vineyards, Dynasty Cellars, Whatcom Natural Beef, Cloud Mountain Farm, Grandview Mushroom, Cascadia Mushroom, Moondance Farm, Rabbit Fields Farm, Holistic Homestead Farm, Wake Robbin Farm, Terra Verde Farm, Heritage Lane Farm, Joes Garden, Cascade Cuts, Osprey Hill Farm.
  • Pomegranate Bistro – Redmond, 18005 NE 68th St. | 425.556.5972 Follow on Twitter Follow on Facebook
    The quintessential destination for homegrown cooking, Lisa Dupar’s Pomegranate Bistro is one of the Eastside’s most popular neighborhood eateries. Nestled in the heart of Redmond, Pomegranate’s 80-seat restaurant is the brainchild of husband and wife chef team Lisa Dupar and Jonathan Zimmer. Pomegranate’s menu features a contemporary blend of Pacific Northwest cuisine and classic comfort food inspired by Lisa Dupar’s southern upbringing and classical French culinary training. Pomegranate’s “hot from the oven” signature fire bread is topped with anything from tequila rock shrimp to arugula and shaved pecorino. Seasonal menus rotate regularly, as does the hip cocktail menu and award-winning wine list featuring over more than 125 hand-selected wines.
    Executive Chef:
    Lisa Dupar.
  • Prima Bistro – Langley, 201 1/2 1st St. | 360.221.4060 Follow on Twitter
    We are a French inspired Northwest Bistro in beautiful Langley on Whidbey Island. We use local and sustainably sourced product as much as possible, and because of our proximity to such excellent resources this can be easily accomplished. Our menu changes seasonally. We have an outstanding wine list, full cocktail bar and deck seating when the weather permits! Come see us on Whidbey!
    Executive Chef:
    Sibrand Jurriaans. Farms & Purveyors: Willowood Farms – as much produce as possible from this awesome local farm owned by Georgie Smith; Prairie Bottom Farm; Penn Cove – mussels, oysters and clams; Thundering Hooves and Painted Hills beef; Grandview Mushrooms; Whidbey Island Ice Cream; Whidbey Island Winery; Mukilteo Coffee.
  • Rhododendron Cafe – Bow, 5521 Chuckanut Dr. | 360.766.6667 Follow on Twitter Follow on Facebook
    Don and Carol Shank and Staff are proud of our goals and endeavors here at the restaurant and appreciate our clientele, especially our loyal regulars who have supported us over the years. We feel many factors have contributed to our success, but especially our goal of offering quality and creatively prepared meals in a casual atmosphere. We focus on locally farmed and produced foods which are essential to the integrity and wholesomeness of the finished dish!   Thank you for your support. The Rhododendron opened its doors on April 4th, 1984, after a full year of renovation to a tired landmark. In the early 1900′s the Coble family opened a Red Crown Service Station, being the first business at this junction. Over the years the building has had many incarnations – a service station, grocery store and cafe. During the renovation old timers recalled the “Kallstrom Place” where platters of fried homegrown chicken was served. Even Al and Pat Digerness, early owners of several area restaurants (Oyster Bar, Oyster Creek Inn and others) got their start here at “The Corner Cafe”.
    Executive Chef:
    Don Shank. Farms & Purveyors: Rhododendron Cafe Gardens – Mixed Greens, Veggies, Berries, Herbs; Morgan Farm, Chuckanut Drive – Assorted Produce; Aslan’s How,  Chuckanut Drive –  Organic Eggs, Produce, CSA; Gothberg Farms Farms, Bow – Chevre; Samish Bay Cheese –  Bow – Assorted Organic Cheese; Taylor Shellfish Farm, Bow – Clams, Oysters; Penn Cove Shellfish –  Mussels; Cascadia Mushrooms,  Bellingham – Organic Shiitake, Oyster, Lion’s Mane.
  • Stopsky’s Delicatessen – Mercer Island, 3016 78th Ave SE | xxx.xxx.xxxx Follow on Twitter Follow on Facebook
    Stopsky’s is a celebration of family, heritage and community.  We will adhere to the highest values and quality of a traditional Jewish Delicatessen. Dishes will be inspired by Jewish cuisine from around the world infused with ingredients and spirit from the Pacific Northwest.  We promise to use the best ingredients, relying on local, all natural, and organic sourcing whenever possible.  This is an approach we call “Tradition, Updated”. We will proudly feature Stumptown coffee because of their direct trade business practice. Natura Water program for in house bottling and carbonation to reduce our recycle waste and carbon foot print. We have been careful in the selection of our equipment and ingredients to emulate our desire for the highest green standards. We will have a pea patch on Mercer Island where we will grow most of our herbs and edible flowers as well as teach culinary classes around the notion of the market and farm fresh ingredients. One of my favorite components to our business model is that 10% of the proceeds from the sale of our pickles will be donated to The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. We promise to care about our community and the people that sustain us! Farms & Purveyors: Proteins: Nikki Meats out of Portland will be our mail supplier for Goat, Lamb, beef and chickens & game. We will feature Snake River Farms Wagyu Oregon Country Beef Brisket. Additionally, we will supplement with producers from the Farmers Markets with producers like Skagit River Ranch, Olson Meats, Stokesburry Farms, Pipitone Farm, Willie’s Greens, Tonnemaker Farms, Full Circle Farms, Nash’s Produce, Homestead Organic Produce, Rockridge Orchards Cider Vinegar & Honey. Sweet as Can Bee honey. St Jude; Two If By SeaFoods. Pacific Northwest Farmers Co-op: York and Pedrosillano garbanzo beans, Spanish Pardina brown, Sunrise Red & Shasta Yellow Lentils, Ida Gold and Pacific Orient Mustard Seeds, Green Split Peas. Bluebird Grain Farms: Retail and in house Farro and wheat berries, Rye, wheat and pastry flour. We will also retail these as well as use in house: Gothberg Farms, Bow, WA; Willapa Hills Farmstead Cheese, WA; Mt. Townsend Creamery, WA; Golden Glenn Creamery, WASamish Bay Cheese, WA; Rivers Edge, Oregon; Holmquist Hazelnuts. For Dairy we will be sourcing through either Liberty or Meadow Sweet for local naturally nested eggs, organic butter milk and cream. Still working out some of our vendors however I see it as an ever expanding list detailed by local foragers and weekend Farmers Market Dinners once that program is in place.
  • The Willows Inn on Lummi Island – Lummi Island, 2579 West Shore Dr | 360.758.2930 Follow on Twitter Follow on Facebook
    The Willows Inn has from its inception 100 years ago striven to serve local and sustainable meals to its guests. We have our own farm, Nettles Farm, that grows much of what we serve here, but we also access the amazing variety of sea life that is harvested just outside our door in the Georgia Strait. We allow no food waste to enter the garbage stream, by feeding all waste daily to our animals, or adding it to our compost pile. We believe that when you are visiting a place, you should eat from that place, to fully appreciate the terroir that is unique to every place. Blaine’s philosophy is to surprise and delight each diner with ingredients grown and harvested here, but offered in new and interesting ways. 
    Executive Chef:
    Blaine Wetzel. Farms & Purveyors: Nettles Farm, Skagit River Ranch, Jeremy Faber, local fishers, Select Seafoods.

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