Sweet & Local: Seattle Sweet Week & A World of Sweets in Washington State

Sweet Week Seattle  Just another WordPress site - Google Chrome 9232014 53802 PMThis post is part of our Fall Blog Blitz! For the next few weeks, we’ll be bringing you special posts in support of our Slow Food Fall Membership Campaign. Come back often for more recipes, photos, tips, and resources as we celebrate Slow Food in all its forms!

Slow Food membership supports sustainable food production, teaching children how to grow food, preserving traditional foods, and celebrating food cultures. Together we are linking the pleasure of good food with a commitment to local communities and the environment.  There is a place for you at our table here in our local Seattle chapter. Join now


Have a sweet tooth? Check out these upcoming events celebrating desserts locally. This month, get to know your local purveyors of treats. Next month, visit our neighbors in Sultan to learn the history and culture of some of the sweets enjoyed by many of us here in Washington state.

September 25-28th: Seattle Sweet Week. “Many of the city’s best bakeries, scoop shops, chocolatiers and pastry chefs are exited to create treats never before made or sold, with creative flavors that will knock your socks off…We hope you join us and support our craft this September for Sweet Week – it’s easy! just head to a participating sweet shop, pick out a treat, pay 5 bucks, share and enjoy!” Includes Cupcake Royale, Sweet Mickey’s, Parfait, The Confectional, Mighty-O Donuts, Hello Robin, High 5 Pie, Theo Chocolate,Flying Apron, Dahlia Bakery, Gelatiamo, Macrina Bakery, A La Mode Pies,Fresh Flours, Full Tilt, and Chocolopolis.

October 25, 2pm: A World of Sweets in Washington State at the Sultan Library. “From bienenstich to bánh xu xê, marzipan to mochi, the diverse range of sweets we enjoy across Washington state reveals much about our shared history and culture. Each of these sweets tells a story: Ingredients illustrate trade routes and trends, recipes record migration patterns and special forms point to special occasions. This mouth-watering and thought-provoking talk will invite us to savor the ways in which sweets show how individuals and communities celebrate, adapt and interact. By showing how our own familiar favorites correspond to and differ from examples in other communities, anthropologist Julia Harrison will encourage a deep level of understanding about the ways in which sweet foods shape our relationships and reveal our priorities. This talk will spur us to make the leap from ‘Yum!’ to ‘Hmm …'”



About Slow Food Seattle

Slow Food is a member-supported educational organization that envisions a food system based on the principles of quality and taste, environmental sustainability, and social justice – in essence, a food system that is good, clean, and fair.

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