Gallery: Honey Tasting & Summer Picnic Potluck

Chicory and beeBrightening up this rainy day with some summer memories. We tasted 13 honeys from throughout the Western US at our August picnic potluck. Here is a gallery with our tasting notes from the light & floral blackberry to the rustic, “barnyard” buckwheat.

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Fall Fruit Bonanza This Weekend

mushroomcollage-001This weekend, see an incredible diversity of fall fruits: on Saturday, the Seattle Fruit Tree Society has their show featuring many different varieties of tree fruits (including quince, medlars and kiwis in addition to the apples and pears). There’s also Applepalooza at the U District Farmers Market. On Sunday, it’s fungal fruits of the forest with the Puget Sound Mycological Society‘s Wild Mushroom Show. See our calendar for more details about these community events.

Slow Food Seattle Newsletter: Fall Mushrooms, Apple Chutney Recipe, Events and More!

JonagoldCheck out our latest newsletter! We’ve got the details on our upcoming mushroom event, information about Slow Food Bastyr’s Portuguese food event this Sunday, a recap of all the recipes posted during our fall blog blitz, and a new recipe for Rebecca Staffel’s apple chutney. (Want to receive this directly? Sign up here.)

Apple Cinnamon Shrub (Drinking Vinegar) Recipe from “Shrubs” Author Michael Dietsch

photo (7)Today is a Twofer Tuesday! We just posted a recipe for Cat’s Ear Clam Linguine from Melany Vorass, and now here’s a fall-friendly cocktail or mocktail option to go with it.

We’ve noted before that we have shrubs on the mind lately.

Shrubs (aka drinking vinegars) are in the Slow Food Ark of Taste, and we’ve been enjoying variations on them for a while. (Especially the Concord Grape & Lavender Shrub from Amy Pennington we posted a few weeks ago.)

They’re delicious as a mixer in a cocktail, but also just on their own mixed with seltzer. If you haven’t tried them before, the idea of drinking vinegar might not sound immediately appealing, but if you’ve been a fan of lightly sweetened sodas like our local folks Dry Soda, you’ll probably love the tart and fruity taste of homemade shrub soda.

ShrubsWe’re still in the works for our members-only shrub class with Swigwell (sorry for the delay on this but we hope to have final details nailed down soon). But we’re excited to see shrubs in the zeitgeist with the release this week of the new cocktail book Shrubs: An Old-Fashioned Drink for Modern Times by New York author Michael Dietsch.

Michael was kind enough to share a recipe with us, and it’s perfect for right now as it calls for that fall superstar apples. We made a batch and can confirm: it’s delicious!

If you’d like to learn more about shrubs, Tales of the Cocktails is holding a chat with Michael online this Thursday, October 9 at 11am Pacific! Details hereContinue reading

​Cat’s Ear Clam Linguine Recipe from Seattle Forager & Author Melany Vorass

Catsear LinguineThis post is part of our Fall Blog Blitz! For the next few weeks, we’ll be bringing you special posts in support of our Slow Food Fall Membership Campaign. Come back often for more recipes, photos, tips, and resources as we celebrate Slow Food in all its forms!

Slow Food membership supports sustainable food production, teaching children how to grow food, preserving traditional foods, and celebrating food cultures. Together we are linking the pleasure of good food with a commitment to local communities and the environment.  There is a place for you at our table here in our local Seattle chapter. Join now


Catsear2We recently posted a Dandelion Bourekas recipe from Slow Food pal Melany Vorass. As noted in that post, we enjoyed a wild food walk with her this past spring. Melany showed us the impressive diversity of wild edibles in a small area at Golden Gardens Park. She’s a great inspiration and source of knowledge for those who are interested in doing more urban foraging. See photos from the day here.

Melany has shared another recipe with us, this one for cat’s ear, a wild green that, like dandelions, can also be harvested in the fall. (As always, please be sure you know your plant well before dining on any wild edible.)

Want to learn more? Check out Melany’s classes with Seattle Tilth! Her fall 2014 ID class is full but her cooking class still has spots!

And if you’d like more cooking tips on another wild food favorite – mushrooms – check out our November 3 mushroom event with Becky Selengut and Langdon Cook. Continue reading

Mushroom Minute: PSMS ID Clinics & Our Nov. 3 Event

3010111 - Mushroom Walk at Bridle TrailsA couple notes on ‘shroomy stuff!

First off, the Puget Sound Mycological Society has started up its fall mushroom ID clinics on Mondays. From 4-7pm on Mondays at the Center for Urban Horticulture, you can bring in mushrooms to be identified. If you are new to mushroom hunting, it’s a good way to confirm the ID of your weekend haul before frying ’em up for a weeknight dinner.

And secondly, there’s still time to buy tickets for our November 3 “Talking Mushrooms with Becky Selengut and Langdon Cook” event. It will be a fun evening of chatting about mushrooms with these two local authors.

Becky will be sharing her perspective on foraging, selecting, and cooking mushrooms from her new cookbook Shroom: Mind-bendingly Good Recipes for Cultivated and Wild Mushrooms.

Langdon will speak about foraging, both his personal experience, and his insights from following commercial pickers for his critically acclaimed book The Mushroom Hunters.

We’ll sample Becky’s black trumpet pate and pickled chanterelles, and even have a candy cap mocktail to drink! Tickets are $12.50 for non-members, $8.50 for members.