Why does Slow Food need members?

  • SFS WorkMembership dues provide a stable, sustainable source of revenue for the organization, allowing it to be powered by – and accountable to – everyday people.
  • Dues-paying members are a source of political capital. Our growing membership demonstrates to political and industrial leaders the huge number of people who support Slow Food values.
  • Members are the lifeblood of the Slow Food Movement. You provide on-the-ground action, whether through a commitment to living Slow Food values or your participation in local projects and activities. 

What does your membership support?

What are membership benefits?

  • Slow USAExclusive access or discount and pre-sale for Slow Food events. We offer a discount and usually a week to two weeks of pre-sale to members for our events. This ensures you get first dibs on popular events! And some events might be members only. Our popular tuna canning event, usually held in the first quarter of the new year, will always be members-only going forward. Don’t miss out! Check out our calendar or email us at more detail on our events.
  • We are also working to develop a volunteer membership committee to give our members the opportunity to more directly engage on local Slow Food projects
  • Twice-yearly print Slow Food magazine.
  • Knowledge that you support an organization that shares your values and is working to make the kind of change in the world you want to see. 



2 thoughts on “Membership

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  2. Hi, I need help. I raise organic, free range Icelandic sheep. I would like to have a contact or suggestions on how to find the people that would appreciate what I do. My sheep are humanely treated, my farm is clean of pesticides, insecticides, etc. I live in a part of Idaho were people like beef, elk/deer and pig, but do not appreciate top gourmet lamb. Do you have any suggestions on who to talk to? Thanks a lot!

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